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In Situ Detection

In situ detection of DNA, RNA and proteins are powerful techniques to gain data about the temporal and spatial expression pattern of genes within complete organisms. Our InsituPro VSi automate all steps of these labour-intensive methods. The BioLane HTI 16V is our economic semi-automatic alternative.


Enzymatic digestion of proteins in polyacrylamide gel slices and subsequent analysis of the peptides by mass spectrometry has become a routine procedure in protein analysis. But even in solution protocols for bottom-up proteomics can be performed. The DigestPro MSi automates those procedures to achieve high throughput under controlled and reproducible conditions.

Automated Peptide Synthesizers

The MultiPep RSi, MultiPep CF and ResPep SL are fully automated tabletop peptide synthesizers. Exchangeable modules cover synthesis scales for screenings with hundreds of peptides in parallel, the affordable production of speciality peptides in microcolumns or plates up to large scale synthesis of individual peptides.
Custom Peptide Tools

We offer peptide tools made just right for your experiments. Get peptide sets or peptide arrays for screening experiments. Confirm your results with highly purified individual peptides. Catch corresponding proteins with anti-peptide antibodies made against sequences you find in a database.

Recent News

MultiPep CF - continuous flow and parallel peptide synthesizer

MultiPep RSi - a new modular 5-in-1 peptide synthesizer

TCP-resins - preloaded resins for peptide synthesis

Upcoming Events

March 11 - 14, 2015
GfE / SFBD Joint Meeting of the German and French Societies of Developmental Biologists

March 18 - 21, 2015
12th German Peptide Symposium 2015

March 22 - 26, 2015
249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition